Your favorite online store, Balloon Fiesta Stuff dot com has gone video! The brand new video show hit the online airwaves on November 16 at 8 am. From the same folks who bring you Balloon Fiesta Live! Balloon Fiesta Stuff Online! takes you inside the Gift Shop. With the shop closed to the public since May and no Balloon Fiesta in October, shopping withdrawals are at an all-time high. Host Art Lloyd Jr. shares a lot of behind the product information in addition to releasing all the Black Friday Aloft! deals. Plans are to release a new episode each week. You can find them on the Balloon Fiesta YouTube Channel,, or just come back to the store each week. The link to the videos is in the footer of each page.

Or just click here.

Enjoy the show, and let us know how you like it by leaving us a comment here on the store, or in your next order!

See you on Balloon Fiesta Stuff Online! and Happy Shopping!