Well, here we are. Mid-December and about to hit the conclusion of shopping for 2020 at the Balloon Fiesta Gift Shop. Today is the last day to grab our Black Friday prices and Wed is the last day to place an order for 2020. Friday is the last day you can pick up orders placed by Dec. 16 and it's the last day for us to get your orders in the delivery pipeline. 

Our plan is to make sure all the orders received by the 16th get shipped and are available and hopefully picked up by the end of the day (4 pm) Friday, Dec 18. 

Here's the deal. Like all businesses, we're operating with limited staff in a constricted situation. That complicates year-end processes, like inventory, reconciliations, reports, and a lot more things that I don't even want to know about. So after Dec. 16th, you'll be unable to place an order on the online store until January. While the "checkout line" will be closed, you'll still be able to browse the store online. Think of it as window shopping!

Our year-end processes will be underway, but of course, the holidays hit the next week. We hope to complete the processes very early in January and get the shopping part of the store back online quickly. We'll probably do some clean up in the online store, maybe some tweaks to the look of things, while we turn our attention toward acquiring merchandise for 2021.

To recap-

Black Friday Deals end today, Dec 13 at midnight.

The last day to PLACE an order is Wed, Dec 16 at midnight.

The last day to PICKUP orders already placed is Fri, Dec 18 at 4 pm.

All of us at Balloon Fiesta want to thank you for your support during 2020. Your purchases have helped us survive this season of no event. We'll be stronger in 2021 for it!

Stay safe and well. Happy Holidays. 

We'll see you in 2021, online at the store, and on the field Oct 2-11, 2021 for the 49th Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.