What's Up Wednesday Sept 14 #33

What's Up Wednesday Sept 14 #33

Ken Tuley ·

If email could actually convey excitement! We are 16 days away from the start of the World's Premiere Balloon Event Number 50!!! The office is abuzz with preparations, the field is turning into a little city with tents springing up like weeds and merchandise sales numbers climbing higher than balloons fly. Even the Post Office and UPS have noticed the uptick in packages being shipped.

This week on What's Up Wednesday, a review of most of the 50th anniversary clothing we have available.

First up the Jackets.

There's a retail soft shell jacket with hood, a gorgeous embroidered logo on the back and lot of extra special touches all around the jacket.

There's the varsity jacket that lets you show your spirit for Balloon Fiesta and 50 years of magic.

The quilted jacket has a colorful lining and the words Balloon Fiesta embroidered across the back.

On the lighter side, there are striped lightweight jackets with orange for the guys, and purple for the gals. 

There's a nice blue hoodie.  (Sweatshirt for us old folks, although it's not the old sweatshirt material.) And the Dawn Patrol is featured on the back of another dark colored hoodie. 

We have polo shirts, in different colors for both men and women. And a really nice high quality long sleeve black shirt that works for dress or business casual. And of course the ever popular denim shirt.

We have a couple of new shirts to the store this week. a long sleeve baseball style shirt featuring the diamond with the words Balloon Fiesta around it. The other is a pale red, lightweight hoodie/shirt with the logo on the chest and Balloon Fiesta down the sleeve.

For everyone that has "Been there, Done that, but still needs the T-shirt", we have quite the selection for you.

There's the long sleeve shirts including, chase crew, kaleidoscope and retro tee.

The short sleeves come in lots of colors and styles, including the very special Looney Tunes character designs and the color changing ones. Adult and youth sizes in most designs. Toddlers are included in the color changing selection.

Finally, you're not completely dressed without something on your head. And we have a range of different ball caps, designed for both men and women. Some come in a Cap and T-shirt combo setup. and don't miss the cap with the built in LED lights.

So join the Best-Dressed Group at Balloon Fiesta. Order your apparel today and be ready for the first burner blast.

Next week, tips on avoid the crowds to get your shopping done on-site!