What's Up Wednesday January 10, 2024 #102

What's Up Wednesday January 10, 2024 #102

Ken Tuley ·

This week on What's Up Wednesday, it's a big day for RV reservations and the first sneak peek at new product for 2024.

it seems attending Balloon Fiesta is high on everyone's bucket list, especially those that own an RV and like to travel the country. Today's the day, that those coveted RV space reservations are up for grabs. And grab is a good word. Tens of thousands of folks are expected to hit the website at 9 am MST today for a chance at about 1800 spaces. The process is easier this year. You get to prioritize what lots you would like to park in, on what dates, enter your contact information and submit your request. The system gathers all the requests and works in the background using the timestamps and priorities, to assign slots. It then emails you with the lot assigned and asks for payment. You have 24 hours to confirm your slot by providing payment and you're confirmed. By entering your priorities, it's like getting on the list for multiple lots, thus multiple chances to secure a spot. This process requires less information from you to get in line for a slot and you don't have to pay for a slot until you are confirmed. It should mean less time online, refreshing the page to try and find a slot. Just enter the lots you're interested in and submit. Even so, we expect the requests for reservations to exceed the supply. Get online early, at our event website, BalloonFiesta.com, check out the instructions, review and prioritize the lots and be ready to go at 9 am MST today! And Good Luck!

BTW, General Admission tickets are scheduled to go on sale on April 5, 2024.

As we mentioned last week, we're already well into the process of creating, selecting and manufacturing items for this year. Magnets and ornaments have about the longest lead time, so we got started on them first. And we have some images to share with you.

Here is a pre-mold image of the ornaments. Note the snowflakes, holiday trees, candy canes, and holiday icons as well as the year and/or number 52.

The pre-mold images of a couple of magnets feature the year, special shape balloons and of course the theme for 2024, Embrace the Sky. There's also the trinket magnet that is a simple 2024, Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta with 3 special shape balloons hanging like charms. This matches a style we have done for a couple of years now for you collectors. 

The next steps are for molds to be made, samples to be created and proofed before they can be produced, packaged and shipped to us for sale to you. We expect them to be available in May.

Other items that are already in the works, include reviewing the poster submissions, and photographs for the 2025 calendar. More on those and other items as we have it to share.

Thanks for your support of Balloon Fiesta and Balloon Fiesta Stuff.