2023 Mass Ascension Magnet

2023 Mass Ascension Magnet

2023 Mass Ascension Magnet


Experience the magic of the 51st Balloon Fiesta in 2023 with our exquisite collection of Balloon Fiesta Magnets! This captivating magnet is the perfect way to commemorate and relive the excitement of this extraordinary event.

This design finds a number of hot air balloons floating across the bold 2023. Simple yet bold, this magnet will easily find its place on any metal surface.

The magnet boasts a strong magnetic backing, ensuring a secure hold and its compact size makes it perfect for display. Combine it with our other 2023 magnets and you'll create a visually striking arrangement that instantly draws attention and sparks conversations.

Grab your set today and embark on a journey of awe and wonder, one magnet at a time!

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