50th Balloon Fiesta Book #8

50th Balloon Fiesta Book #8

Ken Tuley ·

As we get closer to the actual anniversary of Balloon Fiesta on April 8th, Balloon Fiesta is proud to release a brand new book, celebrating 50 Years of Balloon Magic. It's a gorgeous coffee table book, chock full of some of the best ballooning photos from Balloon Fiesta. This 200+ page book is great for the coffee table and just browsing the pictures and short stories about different aspects of ballooning.

This makes a great gift for any balloonist or balloon enthusiast and is perfect for just enjoying the beauty with a cup of coffee or tea. 

50 Years of Balloon Magic is scheduled for official release on April 8, the 50th anniversary of the first Balloon Fiesta at Coronado Center. However it is available now, ahead of the official release. Grab yours today.

While 50 Years of Balloon Magic is perfect for the entire family, the little ones might like Balloon Fiesta's new children's book The Best Day Ever!

Written and Illustrated by Ross Van Dusen, it's the story of a surprise balloon flight for Scooter, Danny and their three best friends. In addition to the full color illustrations and story, there are pages for kids to color their own balloons, becoming a designer of their very own balloon. 

Order either or both books today for immediate shipping or free pick up in Albuquerque.

Coming up next week...A way to get discounted tickets to the 50th Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta #50!