Balloon Jewelry and a NEW T-Shirt Available Now!

Balloon Jewelry and a NEW T-Shirt Available Now!

Ken Tuley ·

Just in time for Mother's Day, we have some stunning new balloon jewelry items for you this week. These custom hand-made items are from LeightWorks and were crafted just for Balloon Fiesta. Hand-cut crystal and optic glass is layered inside with different blends of precious metals that make these earrings and necklaces glow from within. Using technology developed by NASA for the astronauts shields, the color inside the crystal is layered so it never fades, stays beautiful and changes color in the light. The crystals make this change by reflecting and transmitting a range of colors depending on the movement, amount of the light around and behind the piece, your skin tone and the colors of your clothing. Even while photographing these items, the color changed under different lighting conditions. 

There are 3 basic colors, blue, green and fire and each color comes in a polished or frost finish. The polished crystal appears more clear while the frost one is more translucent. 

You'll want to get the set of matching earrings and necklace in your, or your sweetie's favorite color. 

But don't wait too long. Because they are specially crafted just for Balloon Fiesta, supply is limited and it may be difficult to restock.

Wrapping up this week's What's up Wednesday, another item in our T-shirt line is now available. The short-sleeved light blue tee features the 50th logo on the chest and delightful full color back featuring some of the more familiar balloons in the sky above Balloon Fiesta Park. This shirt is already in high demand among our staff and we think you'll love it. It's available now! Be the first on your crew to sport this fun design.


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