What's Up Wednesday July 27 #26

What's Up Wednesday July 27 #26

Ken Tuley ·

This week on What's Up Wednesday, not one but two long awaited items.

As we approach 60 days until Balloon Fiesta on the calendar, things are really heating up at Balloon Fiesta Stuff, and we're not talking about the weather. We're in the final stretch of receiving and processing merchandise and making it available to you ahead of the 50th Balloon Fiesta.

First up, the official retail jacket. This medium-weight soft shell jacket has already captured the hearts of the staff here at Balloon Fiesta. The 50th anniversary design, with the original 13 balloons is embroidered on the back. On the front is the smaller anniversary logo. The black jacket is trimmed in turquoise. The turquoise color is also on the inside of the attached hood, and on the inner flap of the zipper, which also features the text 50th Anniversary.  This is one very sharp looking jacket. In unisex sizing it is definitely going to sell fast. Don't wait for the cooler weather, order yours today.

The other highly anticipated item each year is the Chase Crew merchandise. The pin and patch have been available for a few weeks now, and joining them this week is the long sleeve Chase Crew. With the 50th anniversary logo on the left chest, the back features the fun Chase Crew design of crew chasing the Red, White and Blue Balloon. Whether you're actually chasing balloons or just dreaming about it, you'll want to have one of these long sleeve tees for the cool October weather.

Next week, more shirts and jackets on tap. Remember to check out the store regularly, as we continue to add merchandise we don't have room for on What's Up Wednesday! And Thanks for your support!