What's Up Wednesday October 25, 2023 #91

What's Up Wednesday October 25, 2023 #91

Ken Tuley ·

This week on What's Up Wednesday more catch up and consolidation plus a "new" item in the store that we haven't had a chance to introduce to you.

Last week we told you that we are in the process of consolidating the inventory from all our event sites and that the first priority was the pins. We think that's done and thanks to everyone who participated in our pre-order sale of Eclipse and Marvin the Martian pins. We just ordered about 5,000 of these pins to fill the pre-order demand. Again, we should have them by the end of November for shipping or pickup in December. Please wait for the email that your order is ready for pickup before heading to the gift shop. We did order a few more than pre-ordered, so there may be a few extra available in mid-late December. Stay tuned to What's Up Wednesday for updates.

This week we've been concentrating on consolidating the clothing line back into the online and gift shop inventory. We are on track to have that complete by Friday. If you missed out on your favorite shirt or size check back over the next three days to see if we have it in stock now.

Which brings us to a frequently asked question. Will you be restocking <insert your favorite item>? The simple answer is no. The theme for 2024 has been set. (Embrace the Sky). The bumper sticker is available. Our main website undergoes its transformation to 2024 next week, and just yesterday we were working on the jacket and shirt logos for 2024. What we're saying here is 2023 is wrapping up and we're already hard at work on 2024. 

That said, we continue to expand our year-round line of merchandise. These items will still be Balloon Fiesta focused, they just won't carry a specific year or theme. One of the late additions to this line is our bicycle jerseys. We worked all summer on the design of these shirts and they finally arrived just before Balloon Fiesta got airborne. There are two color schemes, dark and light, and features lots of fun balloons as well as the three pockets on the back. It's a full zip front and really comfortable. A note on sizing. These 100% polyester jerseys are sized like normal shirts, not bicycle jerseys. So order your normal shirt size, not the size you would normally order for a bicycle jersey. We didn't order too many of these jerseys to begin with, so quantifies are limited. However since they are a part of our year-round line of merchandise, we can order more when demand warrants it. 

Next week on What's Up Wednesday, we'll be releasing a line of pilot related items that were only available to pilots during the event. 

Thanks for your support of Balloon Fiesta Stuff and Balloon Fiesta.