What's Up Wednesday April 12, 2023, #63

What's Up Wednesday April 12, 2023, #63

Ken Tuley ·

This week on What's Up Wednesday, another artist spotlight with handmade artwork, you're going to want on your wall!

Balloon Fiesta is a non-profit organization that believes in supporting local businesses and organizations. In a way, giving back and supporting others just as we are supported by many different organizations and companies.

As part of that effort we are attempting to source more and more products to New Mexico companies and artists.

In that spirit, today we are introducing another series of items in that category. Ginger, an Albuquerque artist, has created a set of balloon designs out of paper cutouts. The different color cutouts are layered, with spacers between the layers in a 3 dimensional fashion. This creation is then nicely framed, with a glass front, signed on the back and comes ready to hang.

There are a few basic designs, Curls, Explore, Fly Away, Balloons Aloft and more, each one featuring a unique set of colors. They come in two sizes, 9 x 9 and 8 x 10 and are different enough from each other that we have them listed individually for sale. We have posted pictures of the different patterns and colors so you can see the entire collection. If you see a pattern you like, and we don't have any available, contact us via email. There's a contact form link at the bottom of every page. Tell us what you're looking for. We'll work with the artist to get that design back in stock. By the way, if you're looking for a truly custom design, we can put you in touch with Ginger to work that out. Again, use the contact form to send us an email and we'll make the connection. 

We think you're really going to like this artwork. As we've been stocking up on them, our staff has been buying them up like crazy. 

Finally this week, don't forget that our VIP Area tickets went on sale last Friday, there are some sessions still available. And here on Balloon Fiesta Stuff, we have discounted 4-packs of General Admission tickets. They won't mail until June, but you don't need them in hand until October. And there's not a rush for General Admission tickets as they don't sell out.

As always, thanks for your support of Balloon Fiesta and Balloon Fiesta Stuff. See you next week!