What's Up Wednesday December 13, 2023, #98

What's Up Wednesday December 13, 2023, #98

Ken Tuley ·

This week on What's Up Wednesday, we're at the end of the year as far as shopping and shipping go. Read on for all the details.

Before we get to all the shopping, shipping, and pick up deadlines, here's an update on our December Sale. It was a GREAT weekend for our December Sale. Thanks for shopping with us. We have shipped the orders received over the weekend, and sent you an email if your order is ready for pickup. Check out the pictures later in this email. But even with the huge success of the sale, we have some inventory remaining. The blow-out prices are still in effect, however, we're up against the year-end deadlines to get you your order in time for Christmas.

Here is the calendar of dates and times for the remainder of 2023.


 Date Gift Shop Online Store
Fri, 12/15

Last day to shop in person

Hours 9-5

Last day to order for Holiday shipping
Sat, 12/16 Closed Open
Sun, 12/17 Closed Open
Mon, 12/18 Closed (order pickup 9-5) Closes at 8 am
Tue, 12/19 Closed (order pickup 9-5) Closed
Wed, 12/20 Closed (order pickup 9-5) Closed
Thur, 12/21 Closed (order pickup 9-5) Closed
Fri, 12/22 Closed (order pickup 9-5) Closed
Sat, 12/23 Closed Closed
Sun 12/24
Mon 12/25
Tue 12/26
Wed 12/27
Thur 12/28
Fri 12/29
Sat 12/30
Sun 12/31
Mon, 1/1 Closed Open 8 am
Tue, 1/2

Regular Hours resume

Open 9-5

Open 24/7


Next week on What's Up Wednesday, a look behind the scenes at what's happening while our store is closed.

Thanks for your support of Balloon Fiesta and Balloon Fiesta Stuff.