What's Up Wednesday June 22 #21

What's Up Wednesday June 22 #21

Ken Tuley ·

This week on What's Up Wednesday, the 2023 Official Calendar, and more anniversary pins.

The long awaited and highly desired 2023 Official Balloon Fiesta Calendar is now available for purchase. Yes, we know, we haven't passed the halfway point of 2022, but we just couldn't wait to make this year's calendar available, especially since there are just 100 days until Balloon Fiesta begins. Once again the calendar contains video. Yes, more than 35 minutes of embedded video. So how do we put video in a paper calendar? That's our secret, but to see what it looks like, check out this 2 minute video. https://youtu.be/UojUQ3CabEQ. These calendars have become so popular they sell out quickly. In fact, the 2022 calendars sold out by the end of Balloon Fiesta in October 2021, 2 and a half months BEFORE the year actually started. Don't get shut out this year, buy your calendars today!

Two more anniversary pins hit the shelves this week. America's Challenge and Dawn Patrol.

America's Challenge is a gas balloon "race". Actually, the gas balloon team that travels the farthest is the winner, no matter how long it takes. And the duration of these flights average three days. This year marks the 25th America's Challenge event, nicely coinciding with the 50th Balloon Fiesta. The 2022 pin continues the tradition of a red, white, and blue theme with the gas balloons. This pin is always a popular item among gas balloon enthusiasts. To read more about gas balloons and America's Challenge, head over to https://balloonfiesta.com/Americas-Challenge and check it out.

Another very popular event at Balloon Fiesta is Dawn Patrol. And that's the other pin we have available starting today. Each morning, about a hour before sunrise, a group of pilots inflate and launch their hot air balloons. They have aircraft marker lights to be seen when they are not firing off their burners in flight. On Mass Ascension mornings, the pilots actually coordinate their inflation, launch and "all-burns" to provide a Balloon Glow in the sky! The Dawn Patrol pin, like all the anniversary pins, features a raised gold 50 along with balloons associated with Dawn Patrol. 

Insider alert! Merchandise is starting to arrive daily and we won't be able to feature everything here on What's Up Wednesday. Be sure to check out the site every week. Consider this What's Up Wednesday your reminder to shop, BalloonFiestaStuff.com.

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