What's Up Wednesday March 22, 2023 #60

What's Up Wednesday March 22, 2023 #60

Ken Tuley ·

Wow! What's Up Wednesday has hit the big 6-0! This week, a number of product updates, more Luck of the Irish winners and a new low price for a popular item.

 In our Luck of the Irish giveaway, Carol S. from New Mexico picked up a Balloon Fiesta Limited Edition Water Bottle, and Charles C. from Alabama found an extra windchime packed with his order. Just two more folks winning big, in our March Giveaway. Remember every order of $25 or more before shipping, wins a random gift. And on certain days, we throw in a special gift to one lucky order. Speaking of lucky, our resident leprechaun tells me we'll be picking from today's orders to grant another "special" gift. Only 9 days remain, so test your luck, order today!

Speaking of countdowns, the countdown clock to the 51st Balloon Fiesta dropped below the 200 mark earlier this week. That also means that we're one day closer to most tickets going on sale. If you don't already have that date circled on your calendar, it's April 7 at 9 am Mountain Time.

What's that you say, you don't have a calendar to circle? What a deal we have for you. Even though our calendars are very popular, we have some 2023's left in stock. Starting today, we're lowering the price again, this time to $3. We know being nearly 3 months into the year you probably have your yearly calendar in place. But at this new low price, don't buy it for the dates, buy it for the videos! Yes, there are nearly 40 minutes of beautiful balloon footage (old word for video) embedded in the calendar. We've embedded videos in our calendars for a few years now, and we're already creating the videos for the 2024 calendar. We anticipate releasing the 2024 calendar in July.

Other products in the works include new and returning puzzles which should be shipping to us soon. A special patriotic t-shirt just in time for Memorial Day. And work continues to finish up this year's selections of keychains, magnets and ornaments. These designs have all been approved. Final colors are being confirmed and production is about to start. Expect these items to arrive in our store in May.

Next week on What's Up Wednesday we'll take you behind the scenes of the production process we go through to design and create these items. 

As always, thanks for you support of Balloon Fiesta and Balloon Fiesta Stuff!