What's Up Wednesday March 6, 2024 #110

What's Up Wednesday March 6, 2024 #110

Ken Tuley ·

This week on What's Up Wednesday, more honorable mention introductions, and a popular product is back in stock, just in time for the warmer weather ahead.

This week meet Kayla Penner. This self-taught artist, based in the heart of New Mexico, was raised in the mountains, where there are dirt roads and clear skies. This is where she learned about the beauty of art, animals, and nature. Kayla tell us that New Mexico is incredibly enchanting, especially during the Balloon Fiesta as she loves watching the balloons fly over the city and catching glittering glimpses of the city lights, along with our cotton candy skies. Her painting represents a few of her experiences in New Mexico. 

Ty Creighton grew up in a Navy family, living at “duty stations” around the country including three years in Hawaii and two years in California’s high desert. A college art history class in art, design, architecture and historic figures launched a love and curiosity to study art and to begin creating. In life after Pepperdine University, Ty has a plethora of credits on his resume encompassing communications and technical fields. Here are a few. Senior Federal Systems Engineer (Apple, Inc.), VP Marketing (RCG Communications), a high climber and crewmen aboard tall ships (including background acting in Pirates of The Caribbean, On Stranger Tides; and several commercials), hot air balloon crew for two balloon teams, and blacksmithing. Losing a teaching assistant position at the start of the COVID shutdown allowed Ty to pivot into video editing and animation, studying with creative professionals from Pixar and other animation companies evening starting his own YouTube channel to self-publish his animated stories. Glass art is a weekly focus, with additional work in 2D art forms. Ty has been published in national and international publications. 

Check out the artwork they submitted and stay tuned to What's Up Wednesday to see Kayla and Ty's work on Balloon Fiesta Stuff merchandise in the weeks ahead.

It was more than 2 years ago, on What's Up Wednesday #2, yes #2, that we introduced you to the Solar Balloon Lanterns. The staff bought out our first shipment then, and many of you took advantage of their availability since then. They are now back in stock, with a few new designs. They all feature a solar collector at the top which powers the "burner" light during the evening hours, providing your own personal balloon glow. Many of the designs are available online, while the complete collection is available in person. 

This just in! The magnets and keychains for 2024 were delivered to our warehouse this morning. Now we get to process them and prepare them for sale. Watch for more details in the next week or so, right here on What's Up Wednesday.

As always, thanks for your support of Balloon Fiesta and Balloon Fiesta Stuff.