What's Up Wednesday October 4, 2023, # 88

What's Up Wednesday October 4, 2023, # 88

Ken Tuley ·

This week on What's Up Wednesday we are just about 24 hours from opening a merchandise tent on the field and only 72 hours until Balloon Fiesta 51 takes off.

Let's review your shopping opportunities. Of course, online is open 24/7, just remember that due to an increase of people shopping in the gift shop and the number of orders coming in, processing your order could be a little slower, so please wait for the email that says your order is ready for pickup. On the positive side, there is a new online checkout page in place that puts all your shipping and payment info on one page. It means at least one less click to get your order placed.

For those of you already in Albuquerque, our south merchandise tent opens Thursday morning at 9 am for your shopping needs. Please enter the field by using San Mateo north to Balloon Fiesta Parkway and turning into the parking area in the northeast corner of the field. There should be traffic signs to help you find your way. That tent will be open until 5 pm Thursday. Friday hours are 9-5. 
Once Balloon Fiesta begins on Saturday morning, both north and south merchandise tents will be open from 5:00-10:30 for morning sessions and 4:00-8:30 for evening sessions.  Remember our North Tent has been expanded this year to provide a full service shopping experience.

And last but not least, our physical Gift Shop is also open during Balloon Fiesta 8-5, everyday except the final Sunday, when we'll close at noon. Again, that's for in-person shopping and free local pickup, once you get the email that your order is ready for pickup. 

This a good time to remind you that quantities are limited, so if you see something you like buy it. And we have to tell you that due to the extremely high demand on the eclipse pins, and a special pin to be released Saturday morning, there are purchase limits in place on many of our pins, not only per person, but also on the number of these special pins available per session to make sure people attending the second weekend have an opportunity to purchase these pins.

Finally, just a little reminder for those of you who won't be joining us in person this year. Balloon Fiesta Live! is a live stream of all 14 sessions during Balloon Fiesta. It starts at 6 am Mountain Time for morning sessions and 6 pm for evening sessions. It's a totally free stream, free of even commercials. Tune in at BalloonFiesta.com/Live-Stream, you'll love the coverage!

Next week on What's Up Wednesday, a quick update on how sales are progressing. 

Thanks for your support of Balloon Fiesta and Balloon Fiesta Stuff.