What's Up Wednesday! 30 Days to Go! #31

What's Up Wednesday! 30 Days to Go! #31

Ken Tuley ·

This week on what’s up Wednesday, a really fun and special T-shirt, a blast from the past item and a special purchase opportunity for our pilots.

Let’s start with a really cool and fun set of t-shirts. As you know, the Road Runner and Wile Coyote have been a part of Balloon Fiesta since the first one in 1972. And 50 years later, they are back with a number of their friends and they have taken over our latest set of T-shirts. The two designs are the same for both the Adult white shirt, and the youth gray shirt. Both are fun ballooning designs.

These special designs are officially licensed thru the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and Warner Brothers for a one time shot.  So don’t wait, find the design you like and grab it today. 

Long time Balloon Fiesta fans will remember a time when we had Balloon Mail and in keeping with recognizing our history, it’s back this year. The way it works is you purchase a balloon mail pack from the store.  You write your letter, address the envelope and return to us.  We’ll add postage, have a balloon pilot fly and document the flight, and give it to the post office for a special cancelation and delivery. 

This works great on the field during the event. For those of you who can’t be here this year, you can still order online.  We’ll send you the packet, with an envelope to mail the Balloon Mail back to us. Due to the timely nature of this item, Balloon Mail must be returned by September 30, in order to guarantee being flown during Balloon Fiesta. 

Balloon Mail has long been a tradition to document flights and its return this year is another great way to celebrate the 50th event. 

Just a quick reminder to snag those discounted General Admission 4-packs. the Last day we can mail them out is September 15. After that, you'll need to make arrangements to pick up them up, at least the day BEFORE you intend to use them.

Finally, What's Up Wednesday has a special item for our pilots and crew. The Baofeng two-way crew radios are back in stock. Already programed with Balloon Fiesta frequencies, these radios work great for balloon to crew communications. Grab a set for your extra crew vehicle.

As always, thanks for your support of Balloon Fiesta! Only 30 days to lift off.