New this week-Solar Balloon Lanterns

New this week-Solar Balloon Lanterns

Ken Tuley ·

We've found a great new product to offer in the Balloon Fiesta shop this week. It's a solar powered, balloon-shaped lantern. It's a beautifully hand-painted,  multi-colored glass work in the most popular hot air balloon colors. Special flickering LED solar lights create the appearance of flames shooting up from the burner in a real hot air balloon. Truly an eye catching addition to any garden hanging on a tree, shepherds hook or a pergola. 

When these arrived in the shop, our staff went crazy for them and almost bought out our first shipment. We've got more and they are available to you right now.

The small one is more than 15 inches tall from the top of the balloon to the bottom of the basket and the large one measures nearly 2 feet.

What we really like about these lights, besides everything, is the way the light flickers just like a balloon burner does. These really do stand out as a special gift for yourself or others. Check them out now!

On the general store front, new merchandise is starting to trickle into the shop and a lot of greatly anticipated 50th branded gifts are in production and should start arriving next month. We'll feature them here on What's New Wednesday in the weeks to come. (sorry we're late this week)

Thanks for reading, shopping and supporting Balloon Fiesta!

See you next week.

Balloon Fiesta Stuff Staff

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