What's Up Wednesday Nov 2, 2022 #40

What's Up Wednesday Nov 2, 2022 #40

Ken Tuley ·

(Note the email version was delayed due to a problem with our provider Shopify.)

This week on What's Up Wednesday another jacket option, and a big sale on posters. 

Let's start with the Poster sale. As we told you in Monday's Special Halloween edition of What's Up Wednesday, we have cleared the cobwebs from our poster warehouse and for the month of November they are on sale! Not quite as good a deal as Monday, but still, 50% off on the rolled posters. We have posters from 2011 to 2021. Each one is 50% off. And if you want the 2022 poster, you can get the same discount if you buy the 5-part series set. We set aside 100 of the posters from 2018-2022, gave each set a special collector's number and had them signed. Since the 2022 posters are not included in the overall sale, and there are no signed ones available anyway,  this is the only way to get a 2022 official signed poster. Buy the set! Subject to prior sale, you can choose your number from 1-20 or just let us pick a higher number for you.

So if you're missing just one, or two of the series, it's still cost effective to buy an entire set. You can always re-gift the ones you do have. Remember this sale is good for the month of November, but as our supply runs out, they are gone and will not be restocked.

Last week we offered up a selection of Pilot and Navigator jackets. This week, the Sponsor jackets are now available. These 3 in 1 combination jackets, feature a removable fleece inner liner that is perfect for the cooler times, an outer jacket with the 50th logo embroidered on the back, for the cold days, and combine them altogether for the frigid days. Our Sponsors loved these jackets so much that we have less than 50 remaining to offer to you. So if you like the two-tone teal color, and you see your size, order it today.

As we approach the end of the year, we're going to have a lot of information to share with you about shipping deadlines, special sales and more. Make sure you have us in your contacts, so What's Up Wednesday, doesn't go to your junk or spam folders. And tell your friends and families to subscribe so they are in the know and can buy that perfect Balloon Fiesta gift, just for you!

Thanks for your support. See you next week!