What's Up Wednesday Nov 9, 2022 #41

What's Up Wednesday Nov 9, 2022 #41

Ken Tuley ·

This week on What's Up Wednesday, More 50th gifts now available for purchase.

First we want apologize for the hiccup in last week's email. A bug in our provider's (Shopify) software unexpectedly imposed a limit on the number of emails we could send out. Hopefully that's been fixed and we're back to normal. If it happens again or if you don't receive the What's Up Wednesday email, we do post a copy to the blog. It's available at the bottom of the main page of BalloonFiestaStuff.com 

In the past couple of emails, we've talked about ordering more jackets than we needed for Pilots, Navigators and Sponsors. We also overbought a few other items like a really nice soft-side cooler. Made by RTIC, this 30-can cooler is, according to the manufacturer, "tough as nails, lightweight, and 100% leak proof. No matter where the adventure takes you, this soft pack cooler is up to the task and will keep your drinks cold for days."

We've customized these coolers to add the 50th logo, or the 25th America's Challenge logo making the cooler a unique and useful item for every adventure, especially ballooning. Since these were "overbought" there is a limited number available. Check the item description for more specifics on the size and weight.

Don't forget our poster sale continues all this month. 50% off on all our rolled posters, except the unsigned 2022 version. The sale includes the 5-part series set of signed and specially numbers posters. If you really wanted a signed 2022 poster, you can still get it by purchasing the entire set. With the 50% off sale, it's a great way to "up your game" with these posters.

Next week, we'll be asking you what products you like and don't particularly care for as well as what you would like to see us create for 2023. Starting thinking about it now do you can provide some solid feedback next week.

Thanks for your support of Balloon Fiesta Stuff.