Unique Wooden Puzzles

Unique Wooden Puzzles

Ken Tuley ·

A lot of us got hooked, or maybe re-hooked on puzzles during the pandemic shutdown. And if you're looking for a different type of puzzle, we have one for you this week. It's a wooden puzzle with each piece a unique shape. It's also two-sided, adding an additional challenge to putting it together. One side is a beautiful balloon landscape, the other a repeating pattern. These puzzles come in 3 different sizes, 150 pieces, 300 pieces or 600 pieces.

Wooden City puzzles incorporate all-natural cardboard and environmentally-friendly packaging while the material used in production is a high-density fiberboard (HDF) made of natural wood fibers. These are fun to work, and also make great gifts for those puzzling friends and relatives. Check them out at https://balloonfiestastuff.com/collections/puzzles-and-games/products/wooden-hot-air-balloon-puzzle?variant=39794517770297.

We think you'll love them.


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