What's Up Wednesday #15

What's Up Wednesday #15

Ken Tuley ·

This week on What's Up Wednesday, Keychains and a Behind The Scenes look at the process it takes to create some of the unique Balloon Fiesta items available at Balloon Fiesta Stuff!

Keychains, Magnets and Ornaments are some of the more popular collectable items available each year. For our 50th, we have a great collection. Starting today, there are 5 new keychain designs available in our collection of 13 different designs. Here's an insider tip. The magnets will go on sale next Wednesday and ornaments on May 25.

There's the heart key chain featuring our 50th logo. Clean and simple, a nice way to remember Balloon Fiesta.

There's the silver keychain. It will give your keys a touch of elegance and class.

We have a keychain that features our 50th logo on one side, and colorful balloons on the other side. And since the middle spins, you can use it to fidget while you're waiting in line in your car.

For those that like to collect charms, we have a charm keychain. Balloons, a heart and the 50th logo all hang as charms from this keyring.

And finally if you need a little more functionality to go with your keys, check out the bottle cap keychain. The flip side of the cap is a bottle opener. Never be at a loss when it comes to popping the top of your favorite beverage bottle. BTW, all these keychains are silver, even though the photographs look dark or black.

Check out the entire keychain collection at BalloonFiestaStuff.com

By the way. It's quite a process to bring these custom made keychains, magnets and ornaments to the store. Our resident video guy and announcer Art Lloyd Jr, has put together a little video outlining the process.

Also new in the store this week, more patches, the America's Challenge balloon pin, and jewelry for the young ones. And next week on What's Up Wednesday, the Magnets.

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