What's Up Wednesday

What's Up Wednesday

Ken Tuley ·

This week on What's Up Wednesday, new magnets, water bottles and GREAT news on shipping charges!

Last week we released this year's new keychains, and this week it's time for the new magnets. There's a champagne glass bottle opener/magnet, the 50th event logo, a striking round magnet with the logo in the center and colorful balloons around the outside. A flip-flop shaped magnet, a 2022 design, and a double sided foil magnet. Any and all of these colorful designs will dress up any metallic surface. And if you missed last week's video on how the keychains, magnets and ornaments are designed and created, you can still watch it here.

Also back in the store this week are the very popular Hydro Flask style water bottles. Featuring the 50th logo, these 32 ounce containers are available in 4 striking colors. They come with a wide mouth straw cap that lets you keep the lid closed and still enjoy your beverage. Last year's version sold out quickly so don't wait to grab a set of these for all your liquid refreshment needs. 

Finally we have some great news on the shipping front. We have been able to secure better shipping prices and we are passing that savings along to you!

Starting today, we have lowered the shipping charges for everyone around the world at all levels of shipping. In order to continue offering you this lower shipping rate, we need you to be careful at checkout time. If you select our FREE Albuquerque Pick-up option, and then decide you need us to ship the order, we'll have to invoice you for the shipping charges and unfortunately it will be higher than if you had paid for shipping when you place your order. So before you click on that Pay Now button, double check to ensure you have chosen the correct option, Shipping or Free Pickup. Again it will cost you more if we have to add shipping charges to a pick-up order.

Also it's worth noting, that sometimes the calculated shipping rates don't make sense for the items in your cart. As we process all orders manually, if there is a calculated shipping charge that's way out of whack when we pack and ship your items, we'll make an adjustment and refund part of what you paid for shipping. As always if you have any questions about shipping charges, reach out to us at giftshop@balloonfiesta.com.

Thanks for support Balloon Fiesta through Balloon Fiesta Stuff!


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What's up Wednesday

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