What's Up Wednesday #17

What's Up Wednesday #17

Ken Tuley ·

This week on What's Up Wednesday, the 2022 ornaments are available, as is a new puzzle, one more 50th event pin, and we'll share another way to shop online at Balloon Fiesta Stuff.

During the past two weeks, we've released our 2022 keychains and magnets and today it's time to release the 2022 ornaments. There's the 50th logo, the 2022 year design, a spinner featuring the chase crew truck design, a snow globe ornament, and the sugar cookie that we featured in our Behind The Scenes video on the making of keychains, magnets and ornaments. If you haven't seen that video yet, it's still available here. 

All the ornaments come with a nice red ribbon to easily hang them on your tree or wherever. They will make a great keepsake for you and everyone on your list.

We know Balloon Fiesta guests are big puzzle fans and we have a new one for you this week. The 500 piece puzzle in the shape of a hot air balloon features a variety of balloons and 3 special shaped pieces for you enjoyment. Comes with a bonus poster to help you solve the puzzle. It's a great item for the Balloon Fiesta Puzzle enthusiast.

Finally today, you already know you can go to BalloonFiestaStuff.com to shop online. But did you know we are also on the Shop app. The app, available for Android and Apple mobile devices allows you to shop Balloon Fiesta Stuff, via an app. It also makes tracking your order and shipping very easy. It's the same great merchandise, just available through a different interface. When you download the app, search for Balloon Fiesta Stuff, and mark it as a favorite. 

Just for What's Up Wednesday readers! The 2022 Night Magic Pin has arrived. Check it out. It's really nice with a raised gold 50 on the larger balloon. For those of you wondering, the manufacturing of most of our 50th event pins is already completed. The issue delaying the release of these pins to you, is shipping. China has restrictions on how much stuff can be shipped out of country on any given day. Our manufacturing plant is literally going post office to post office daily to find one that can ship pins to us. As we get them, we'll release them and let you know when that happens, right here on What's Up Wednesday!