What's Up Wednesday, January 24, 2024 #104

What's Up Wednesday, January 24, 2024 #104

Ken Tuley ·

This week on What's Up Wednesday, a couple of popular products are back in stock, an item we missed telling you about last year, and we'd like to know what you think.

Let's start with the products back in stock. Last year we started offering the Chala line of a number of different items. They sold out quickly. The good news is that we have the small purses and key fobs back in stock. And for those of you in the area, you might check the selection in the Gift Shop for additional items. Either way, if you missed out on these balloon themed items, now's the time to go shopping.

Another bag that we produced for last year but never got around to mentioning here on What's Up Wednesday is the Drawstring bag. These lightweight bags measure approximately 13" by 13" with a fold-over enclosure at the top and a zipper pocket on the outside. Featuring the A View From Above logo, you have a choice of drawstring and accent colors. Blue or Carbon. And they are on sale for just $5. Pick up a few before they sell out.

As we've mentioned for the past few weeks, we're in the middle of making final decisions on all of the products we're going to create and offer you in 2024. This week we'd like some feedback on the types of clothing you prefer. Not only the types, but the color schemes and even where you prefer the large scale designs to be placed. To capture your thoughts, we have set up a short, twelve "this or that" question survey. It should only take a couple of minutes.

However there is one additional question that we'd love for you to take a few minutes to ponder before you reply.

We've all see wooden sticks and plaques with sayings on them. Some sayings are serious like "Home is where the Heart is." Others are more funny like "If you see me talking to myself, just move along... we're having a team meeting!"

We're planning on producing a line of these using ballooning related sayings. We have a list, but what would you like to see on a plaque, stick or even T-shirt or mug? Maybe something like "Nervous? Hug the Pilot!"?

Think about that for a few minutes, and then at end of the survey, you'll have an opportunity to submit as many as you like. We'll select the best ones and use them on this new product line or other items. And if you think of more after you submit some, go ahead and come back, skip the first 12 questions and just add more sayings. But don't take too long. The survey is only going to be open for a week as we need to finalize our clothing line for 2024 soon.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and creative sayings. Next week on What's Up Wednesday, we'll reveal the 2024 poster artist and give you a sneak peek of what the poster will be.

As always thanks for your support of Balloon Fiesta and Balloon Fiesta Stuff.