What's Up Wednesday July 6 #23

What's Up Wednesday July 6 #23

Ken Tuley ·

This week on What's Up Wednesday, two woman's tees, a cap designed for pilots and crew and a preview of the 2023 Official Poster.

For the ladies this week, we have added two great tees. Both are short sleeve and have a v-neck design. One, in purple, features the 50th logo surrounded by colorful balloons and a rainbow. The other is a dark pink with the words Balloon Fiesta as part of a sunflower and sunflower balloon design. It is has the 50th anniversary logo on the left sleeve.

For the pilot, chase crew member, or anyone who needs to work in the dark with their hands free, we have a great new ball cap. Featuring the 50th logo, it also has an LED light set built into the brim. It will be perfect for those Balloon Glow evenings or Dawn Patrol mornings, whether you're working with the balloons are just trying to find your way to and from your car. 

Finally we've been receiving a lot of inquires about when the 2023 poster will be available. We're happy to announce the posters will hit the store on Friday, July 15. We'll have all the details next week on What's Up Wednesday, but just for our readers, here's a little insider information. It's horizontal in shape, and features not only the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote, but 15 more Looney Tunes characters, all at Balloon Fiesta. It's the 5th in a 5-part series and also have a number of hidden features that you'll have fun discovering. Again the poster, in various sizes and materials will be released on July 15.