What's Up Wednesday July 13, 2022 #24

What's Up Wednesday July 13, 2022 #24

Ken Tuley ·

This week on What's Up Wednesday, THE WAIT IS OVER! The 2022 Official Poster is now available to What's Up Wednesday readers.

Probably the most anticipated item of this year is the official poster. 2022 marks the conclusion of a 5-part series featuring the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote. The story started in 2018 with Wile on the chase of the roadrunner flying overhead in a balloon. Over the years, the escapades continued with the two seemingly make friends last year. That leads to the entire Looney Tunes showing up for the 2022 poster. We have produced a video with the entire story, artist interview and more. It's available at https://youtu.be/tBMD_BcvPvs.  

And for this year, the poster is available in even more formats. All the posters are numbered and available as signed or unsigned. While all the posters have artist Daniel Killen's signature printed on the poster, the signed version have Daniel's actual signature. In addition to the 20 x 30 poster, we have metal prints available. These 8 x 11 editions are also available signed and unsigned. We have created a 10 x 15 print of this year's poster with a embossed or textured feel to the design. And there is a print that includes all 5 of the posters. Due to the size of this item, 13.5 x 20, it cannot be shipped and will be available only in person at the gift shop in Albuquerque, or on the field during the October Balloon Fiesta. 

Of course if you missed any of the previous year's posters, they are still available. And for the special poster collector, we have a limited set of all 5 posters, which has the same special edition number and Daniel's signature. 

BTW, the official release date of this year's poster is Friday, July 15, but as a reader of What's Up Wednesday, you are able to order the poster in any or all of the different formats today! So be the first on your crew to have the 2022 Official Balloon Fiesta Poster, Rising to 50 Years!