What's Up Wednesday June 5, 2024 #123

What's Up Wednesday June 5, 2024 #123

Ken Tuley ·

This week on What's Up Wednesday, the countdown to Balloon Fiesta 2024 hits a milestone, as does What's Up Wednesday and it's a holiday of sorts in the ballooning world. On the product side we have a new pin/patch set and pins to match previously released patches. It's a busy day so let's get started.

First up the matching pin and patch set celebrating our Balloon Glow. First held in 1987, nearly 300 balloons stand up at sunset, and on command simultaneity fire the propane burner lighting up the balloons and the ground around them, providing a roar of sound, a wave of heat and a wash of light across the field. This year's pin and patch feature 4 balloons against the dark but star filled sky. Like other pins this year, the sky glitters with the sun or stars.

On What's Up Wednesday, #120, we told you about patches for the Special Shapes, Mass Ascension and Dawn Patrol. Today we have the matching pins for you. Dawn Patrol has balloons launching in the morning sky, Mass Ascension is a sky full of regular and special shapes, the special shape pin features Speedy Bird, Tito the Sloth, and the Milky Way balloon. If you passed on the patches 3 weeks ago, now is the time to get the matching set of pin and patch.

Speaking of What's Up Wednesday's numbers, did you notice this edition is #123?And today, June 5, is Hot Air Balloon Day. A day to commemorate the anniversary of the first demonstration of the hot air balloon. That took place on June 4, 1983 in France by the Montgolfier brothers. They went on to launch a balloon with animals in September and the first human flight in November that same year.


And finally today also marks 4 months to the day til the start of Balloon Fiesta 2024. So the numbers all align, episode #123, 4 months to go, and June 5, National Hot Air Balloon Day. The perfect time to go shopping for pins, patches and all things Balloon Fiesta.

Thanks for your support of Balloon Fiesta Stuff and Balloon Fiesta. See you next week with more new merchandise.