What's Up Wednesday May 29, 2024 #122

What's Up Wednesday May 29, 2024 #122

Ken Tuley ·

This week on What's Up Wednesday, 2 more pins have made it through the design and manufacturing process and are now on the shelves for you to purchase. And another new item from our most recent customer survey.

The pin parade continues with the release of two popular event-inspired pins. The mid-week Mass Ascension we call Flight of Nations, and the last Saturday night Balloon Glow, Night Magic.

It is the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, and what makes it international is not only the thousands of guests that travel the world to attend, but also the pilots and crews that attend. We anticipate 14 countries to be represented with pilots at this year's event. At the beginning of Wednesday's Mass Ascension, they will be allowed to take off first, flying their country's flag. The Flight of Nations pin features balloons with the designs of many of those countries.

On 5 nights of our 14 day event, we hold a balloon glow. The final one is the one we call Night Magic. This year's pin is stunning with colorful balloons, including a Stars and Stripes balloon, and glittering dark skies. You have to see this one in person and even our best photographs don't do it justice.

Four months ago, we asked you about merchandise preferences. Did you prefer this or that. One of those questions was ball cap, visor or bucket hat. While most of you preferred the ball cap, and we introduced you to the first one last week, enough of you requested visors that we created one for you. And this week, it's ready for release.

This Navy blue visor with red accents and trim is perfect for any outdoor activity when you want to keep the sun off your face. It's undated and features the words Balloon Fiesta 3D embroidered across the front and official AIBF seal on the adjustable back strap. If you're a visor fan, you'll want this one in your collection.

When the weather turns colder, like during Balloon Fiesta early mornings, our new beanie will fit the bill. This blue and white with pom-pom on top features the full color Embrace the Sky logo on the front with the words Balloon Fiesta on the back. It's a full beanie, not the tight skull cap variety and will look great on everyone who wears it.

As always, thanks for your support of Balloon Fiesta and Balloon Fiesta Stuff.