What's Up Wednesday March 27, 2024 #113

What's Up Wednesday March 27, 2024 #113

Ken Tuley ·

This week on What's Up Wednesday, the 2024 keychains and some nice smelling custom candles make their debut in our store. 

Let's start with those keychains. Back on What's Up Wednesday #102 and #103 we previewed the keychains, magnets and ornaments we've created for 2024. Today we're releasing the keychains. We have 4 designs to offer you. 

The Event design features the Embrace the Sky logo with a colorful 2024. About one and a half inch square it's connected with a small chain to a similar sized keyring.

The Oval design is just that. A metal oval with blue sky background and colorful balloons creating a bigger space in the sky. The full text of Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2024 fills the bottom of the oval.

The Sunrise design is a round shape with the colors of the Embrace the Sky logo. Balloons are floating among the morning sky with Embrace the Sky and Balloon Fiesta

The Shape design features a couple of popular Special Shaped Balloons mixed with the regular shaped balloons. The Embrace the Sky colors are also featured in this design.

Grab the entire set and match them with your shed, gate or car keys to easily identify them. Of course you'll want to put your favorite design on your everyday set of keys to remind your self and others of Balloon Fiesta 2024.

Even though the days are getting longer and the need for additional light is waning, burning a candle for the aroma and ambience is always in style. We have just added a new line of candles to our store. With two designs and 6 scents this custom designed 2-wick candle is sure to please your senses. They have come with a resealable lid to preserve the scent when you're not using the candle. One design features smaller balloons with the words, Oh The Places You Will Go,  while the other has larger balloons, more background colors and the words Find Joy in the Journey.

Each design is available in 6 different scents. Cozy Cottage, Caramel Latte, Apple Cider, Lemon Sugar, Vanilla Delight and Grapefruit Glow. These aromas are just strong enough to be noticeable, but not so strong as to overpower the room. 

Mix and match your designs and scents and grab a few extras to have some on hand for that unexpected need for a hostess gift.

Here's an Insider Tipper What's Up Wednesday readers. The official monthly newsletter of Balloon Fiesta is scheduled to be released later this morning. Be sure and watch for some exciting news about Balloon Fiesta. Available from the main website at BalloonFiesta.com

Next week on What's Up Wednesday, the 2024 magnets and everything you need to know about the availability of tickets for Balloon Fiesta 2024.

As always, thanks for you support of Balloon Fiesta and Balloon Fiesta Stuff.