What's Up Wednesday February 14, 2024 #107

What's Up Wednesday February 14, 2024 #107

Ken Tuley ·

This week on What's Up Wednesday, it's your last chance to grab a special gift for your sweetheart in our Valentine's Day Sale, a popular item is now in stock, and the results of our recent merchandise survey.

With today being Valentine's Day, it's the last day for our Valentine's Day sale. Sterling silver earrings and necklaces, and most everything with a red, pink or maroon color are all on sale for the rest of the day. Prices go back up on Thursday. Remember if an item has multiple colors, only the "love" colors are on sale. 

Snoopy is making a comeback. This Jim Shore creation of a hot air balloon with Snoopy napping on the top of the balloon, while Woodstock and buddies are riding in the basket was very popular when we offered it as a pre-order a few months ago. It is now in stock and ready for you to purchase. At nearly 8 inches tall this high-quality stone resin figurine is hand-painted with intricate styling and attention to detail. 

Finally this week, we thought we'd update you on what you said you preferred about our line of clothing. We asked if you like "this" or "that". And on most questions, there was only a slight edge given to one side or the other. For instance, on multi-color vs mono-chrome clothing designs, 54% preferred multi-color vs 46% for mono-chrome. Long sleeved tees received a 58-42% preference over short sleeves. And for those of you who preferred hoods on your jackets, the split was 54% for detachable to 46% for attached. 

Bigger gaps appeared when asked about dated vs undated (68%-32%), back or front of shirts for full size graphics (65%-35%), ball caps, bucket hats or visors (76%, 13%, 11%) and full zipper vs pull overs (63%-37%).

On the jacket style itself, it was a 50-50 split on the 3-in-1 parka style vs the lighter weight soft shell. 

Our takeaway from the survey is you like it all, except maybe visors and bucket hats, but there's enough of you that we'll still make some. Watch for our 2024 clothing line to start appearing online and in the gift shop in June.

Thanks to everyone who took the survey and sent us slogan suggestions. We're working through that list now to make some selections and deciding which products or clothing will feature these slogans.

As always, thanks for your support of Balloon Fiesta and Balloon Fiesta Stuff. See you next week!