What's Up Wednesday February 7, 2024, #106

What's Up Wednesday February 7, 2024, #106

Ken Tuley ·

This week on What's Up Wednesday, Just seven days til Valentine's Day, (think SALE with a free gift!) and the honorable mentions from our poster selection process.

It may be a little early for you procrastinators, but now is the time to get shopping for Valentine's Day. It's just a week away and to help you out, most everything red or pink is on sale for one week. We have jackets, tye-dye pull-overs, travel mugs, solo cups, blankets and even T-shirts in our newly created Valentine's Sale Collection. The reductions are all variations of 14. Either $28 off, (2 times 14), $14 dollars off, or even $1.40 off on those items with a regular price of less than $14. 

Of course, one of the more popular gifts at this time of year is jewelry and we're adding some of these items to the sale category as well. Check out our sterling silver earrings and necklaces. Choose from a "dancing" stone or opal set in the balloon shape in both earring and necklace configurations. Each one of these attractive items is also reduced by $14 for the sale.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind. The sale is underway now and ends on Valentine's Day. Shipping is available as is free pickup in Albuquerque. Shipping takes a couple of days, and it's about 24 hours before your item will be ready for pickup. Of course, you can always come into the Gift Shop, Mon-Fri 9-5, to make an in-person purchase. Where there are multiple color choices on items, only the red, pink or maroon ones are on sale. Oh and did we mention with every order of $14 or more, we'll throw in a free gift. It's a red Balloon Fiesta Zippin' Tote. It folds down to wallet size, but open it holds a lot. Look for the free gift offer when you add $14 or more to your cart.

Last week we introduced you to the Official Poster artist for this year, Jake Gushard, and mentioned we had so many great submissions, the judges selected some of the entries as honorable mention. Lisa Avila, Amanda Brady, Ty Creighton, Trevor Jones, Denis Kennedy, Daniel Killen, Pi Luna, Kayla Penner, and Jason Valencia were all selected and have agreed to allow their design to be produced on other Balloon Fiesta merchandise this year. As those items are produced and ready for sale, we'll tell you more about each of them and their design.

Finally this week, thanks to everyone who participated in our 2024 Merchandise Survey. We received some great feedback and are already making decisions based on that feedback. We'll share some of those results in the weeks ahead.

As always, thanks for your support of Balloon Fiesta and Balloon Fiesta Stuff and may the team that scores the most points on Sunday win the Super Bowl!